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Core Services

OIA is the business owner for the UCalgary Qualtrics site license, and the main point of contact for the design, administration, analysis and reporting of major institutional surveys conducted at the University of Calgary. We offer a wide-ranging number of survey training and survey support services for support staff, and a limited number of Qualtrics support services to academic staff and students. 

Survey Consultation

The Office of Institutional Analysis has years of combined expertise in designing, administering and analyzing institutional surveys. We understand what works and what does not at UCalgary. We offer consultation on best practices. We will assist in reviewing question-wording, positioning and response types, sampling frame and design, and survey distribution methods. 

This service is currently available to support staff only. This service is designed for major survey initiatives, and contingent on available resources.

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Survey Analytics

Need to analyze your survey data beyond graphics and tables? We can work with you to extract more insight from your data using text mining and sentiment analysis, segmentation techniques, and predictive models. Book an appointment with us!

This service is currently available to support staff only. Approval at the Director level or above is required. This service is contingent on available resources.

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Survey Administration

OIA regularly conducts large-scale institutional surveys directly through Qualtrics, or indirectly through third-party vendors. If your organizational unit is considering such a large-scale surveys, we can provide assistance in determining your sampling frame, your data collection dates, and your email communication plan.

This service is currently available to support staff only. Approval at the Vice-Provost level or above is required.

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Qualtrics Training

Qualtrics is a exceptional survey platform for conducting online surveys. We provide an overview of the main capabilities of the survey tool such as creating your questionnaire, contact list, setting up survey options, and choosing your distribution method. We can also provide training on reporting your collected responses using Qualtrics.Advanced training is available upon request.

The Office of Institutional Analysis will gladly provide introductory training to support staff assigned to administering surveys in their units. Faculty and students may request introductory training through the TFDL or HSL Library.

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Qualtrics Support

If you have general questions about the survey tool, or specific issues with creating survey questions, creating a contact list, or publishing your survey, Qualtrics has an extensive online documentation that covers every aspect of their platform.  As an account holder of UCalgary Qualtrics, you have access to Qualtrics 24/7 support help desk. You also have access to the Qualtrics online community. Still have questions? OIA will gladly provide additional support to resolve any specific issues you may be experiencing with the Qualtrics platform.

This service is available to all students, staff, and faculty. 

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Qualtrics Account Management

Access to Qualtrics is open to all students, faculty and staff having an active UCalgary email address. Upon logging into Qualtrics, you will be assigned a standard Qualtrics account with a number of default features and functionalities. Should your project, research or program require additional features and functionalities not currently offered with your default Qualtrics account, you can request additional account permissions.

This service is open to all students, staff and faculty. Your request must be sponsored by your course instructor, supervisor/manager/director, department head or faculty dean.  

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Institutional Student Survey

Hearing from students is critical in helping us improve what we do. If we don’t know about an issue, we can’t fix it. We also love hearing what's going well so we can continue with it! We're here to listen, and we act on the feedback we receive.